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What is our aim?

Created to help elevate the quality of garments start-ups are able to produce, we feel every brand should have the opportunity to compete with the high-end fashion houses and retailers. 

Our aim is to remove the barrier that clouds this industry - high MOQs, slow turnaround times and lack of access to high grade fabrics and yarns for smaller quantities.

Why choose us?

White2Label Manufacturing has become a market-leading clothing supplier in the UK in a matter of years. The initial concept derived from owning a direct to consumer fashion label, we saw the issues start-ups and established brands faced with their suppliers and since 2018, have been working on ways to bridge the gap between quality, service and accessibility. 

UNBND-Blanks is our latest venture. Throughout the years of delivering our service to hundreds of small, independent fashion labels, international fashion houses and world-leading brands in sport, contemporary fashion and many other sectors; we've noticed there was a gap for UK based brands to access luxury, heavyweight items on an oversized silhouette that didn't involve importation of goods from South East Asia, or the EU. 

What makes our blanks different?

We've conducted three years worth of primary and secondary market research and curated a plan from over 3,000 points of data having research what the end-consumers want. Meaning, every design cue has a purpose and has been voted for by hundreds of consumers. 

Everything from the fabric weight, composition, cut and silhouette, size split, colour-ways and trims/ hardware have been fine-tuned to ensure it fits with the markets needs and wants.

Quality is everything

We know every Instagram brand says this, but we promise this isn't an empty statement. All you need to do is head over to our Sample Store and you'll see this holds true. We've selected the highest quality fabrics, trims, hardware. We've hired highly experienced garment technicians to ensure sizing and grading between sizes is perfect and employed stringent quality control processes to ensure all of this is as consistent as humanly possible.

This does mean the prices we charge are higher than most blanks suppliers. Ever heard the saying that goes "The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten" by Sir Henry Royce? Now you have.. 

What we're aiming to do here is give brands the perfect canvas to express their creativity and to ensure we do this, we can't cheap out on raw materials or processes. If you're spending hundreds of hours developing your branding, website, social presence and so on then you can't fall at the last hurdle. Be 100% happy with shipping your items, choose UNBND Blanks 



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